Empowering mail carriers in light of postal transformation.


As a UX designer, I focused on the overall experience of the flow and interactions of our app. I ensured that the insight gained from conducting interviews with carriers was brought to the forefront of our minds as we designed. These ideas were then visualized in our wireframes and mockups.


  • User Persona
  • Experience Mapping
  • User Testing
  • Wireframes
  • Mockups
  • Prototyping


  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop
  • After Effects
  • Axure


  • Brendan Lane
  • Levona Yim
  • Patrick Magdua


Finalist in Vancouver User Experience Awards 2014


Our initial user research led us to better understand the daily life of mail carriers, what their tasks were, their goals and challenges, and their emotions and thoughts. We captured all this data into our persona Pierre Cambray, so that we could easily refer to him as we designed.

User Persona


The persona led us to develop a journey framework that tied Cambray’s emotions and thoughts to specific components of the mail delivery process, clearly visualizing the high and low points of Cambray’s day.

Journey Framework


The mail delivery process was actually more complicated than we thought, and so besides creating a journey framework, we also created a flowchart that broke down the tasks of the process.



Our initial idea was an app that would take data from sorting mail machines and personal preferences to develop a daily personalized plan for carriers on the job. The plan’s focus is to alleviate the physical demand while maximizing delivery efficiency. Our wireframes demonstrate how the app would provide a customized plan and track the carrier’s progress throughout their day.



From the wireframes, we moved onto mockups, which were then implemented in our initial Axure prototype. The app begins by greeting the carrier and asking for their preferences, which is then used to calculate the most efficient route in relation to their day’s workload. The app tracks the carrier’s progress by displaying a map highlighting their route and providing a progress report. At the end of the day, the report is automatically sent to the office when the carrier clocks out.



The prototype was tested by a Canada Post mail carrier, UPS delivery agent and Purolator carrier. From this research, we realized that carriers would not enjoy using the plan provided by an app, as carriers have the firsthand knowledge of the area and need to constantly adapt to special circumstances that may occur. Besides this major insight, there were also other visual and interaction concerns we had to take care of.


From the insight gained from testing our prototype, we shifted the focus of our app from providing a customized plan to relevant tools and information that the carrier can use in all their tasks. These tools allow mail carriers to quickly scan parcels, mailxboxes and bundles, use geolocation to track deliveries and be informed about weather changes, deliver parcels efficiently, and check progress with meaningful stats.